The story of…


Solution Architect

“When I started at Rombit, I already had a couple of years experience as a Frontend Developer. I was told that within Rombit, you have the freedom and flexibility to drive your own career. It was music to my ears.

My ambition is to continuously learn and grow, so I seized every opportunity to expand my knowledge. I participated to Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Dev Cafés and meetups. Initiatives that have all become core values within the company, as part of the Be Curious motto.”

Individual growth 

“As a result, I’ve learned a lot in a very short timeframe. I’ve quickly evolved to Lead Mobile Developer, and since two years, I am one of the Solution Architects. Together with my colleagues, I’m now responsible for the technical alignment, making sure our software connects seamlessly with our customer’s systems and ensuring quick yet qualitative releases.”

Jo Somers

“Those who dare to take ownership, can grow tremendously.”

– Jo, Rombiteer since 2017


The story of…


Business Analyst

“During my first weeks at Rombit, they put me on a plane to a customer in Portugal. Brainstorming for hours on the future of container terminals, after which we hit the town.

This duality is typical Rombit: dead serious when needed, playful when possible. Every day is a mix of having meetings, drawing flow charts, visualising software… and playing pingpong.”

Hackathon winners

“This playfulness, the eagerness to win… It is also reflected in our participations to hackathons: competitions where you need to develop a solution to a real business problem in just one weekend.

At the end of 2019, we entered the Mobility of the Future hackaton with a team of Rombiteers. Intense discussions were combined with lots of stress and virtually no sleep. But in the end, we came home with the first prize: a pilot project for the Port of Antwerp. And with the prize money, we bought a kicker table for the office (laughs).”

Rombiteers are dead serious when needed, playful when possible.

– Gilles, Rombiteer since 2019

The story of…


Senior technicus

“I joined Sercotec as a technician right after finishing my studies. It had not yet been acquired by Rombit at the time, but it already had the ambition to secure the entire port. I can still remember how impressed I was with the vastness of the port of Antwerp.”

Variation and innovation

“I’ve been working here for 18 years now, and yet it never bores me. My job is so diverse: fire security, access control, theft protection… Since the acquisition by Rombit, we are increasingly using the latest industry innovations: the Romware tags and wearables, the Rombit IoT software… The technology is constantly changing, and so am I. It keeps me sharp.”

From A to Z

“We design and install a custom solution for every port terminal. As part of a small team, you handle each project from A to Z: from technical plans up to installation, from configuration to customer service. And the satisfaction you get from seeing a happy customer after the final delivery, is the icing on the cake.”

Igor Rombit Technieker

“The wideness of the port kicks in every time. “

– Igor, Rombiteer since 2002

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