“Each day brings new challenges to learn and grow”

Glenn, Senior Backend Developer Romware

Rombiteer since 2012

dark blue deer


Noun. Masculine & feminine. Plural: Rombiteers.

1. A person with an analytical mind and a hands-on attitude.
Driven by curiosity, inspired by innovation.
2. An employee of Rombit.

Rombiteers are as fast and agile as reindeers. They live in groups and thrive in challenging environments. Reindeers/Rombiteers are praised for their endurance.

Think big, start small

Once upon a time, there was this quirky IT student who got easily bored. He wasn't interested in writing code all day. No, he wanted to solve business problems. Dig deep. Untangle complex processes and systems to really understand the situation. And then create a future-proof solution. How? By connecting the real world to the internet.

He knew he couldn't do it on his own, so he asked a fellow student to join him. That was Jorik Rombouts in June 2012. It marked the start of Rombit.
Fast forward to 2020. Check out the video to see what we're up to now.

The culture

We're a colorful bunch of Rombiteers, all experts in our own field. The secret to moving forward as one, solid team? We share the same values. In fact, our corporate culture boils down to these three commandments.

Be Brave

Rombiteers are not interested in the easy stuff. We’re pioneers, always challenging the status quo. We’re here to create a real impact for our clients.

We love it when you dare to speak up for what you believe in. Make a call and go for it. We’ll back you up when things don’t work out.

Be Curious

How does this new technology work? Why did that software bug pop up? What’s my colleague working on? Why did my client specifically ask for this feature? How did your basket game go?

Curiosity is our gasoline. It gets us ahead of the competition. It’s a quality that we cherish and nurture on a daily basis. We create space and time to learn from one another: we organise Meetups, Dev Cafés and Knowledge Sharing Sessions. Did we mention we offer a training budget too?

Be One

Many Rombiteers are not just colleagues, but also friends. That’s our strength. Because you know you can trust one another. Because you can speak your mind. Because you come up with better solutions when working together. Teamwork makes the dream work.

We strongly belief in self-steering teams. You decide how to get the job done, together. You need a break? Sure. Have some fun downstairs at our pingpong table, fussball table or darts spot. Or go shopping at the Meir. Do your thing.

Hop on board. Together there is nothing we can’t do.